Marino Yoga Fest

Murcia, Spain March 6-13, 2018

Festival transforms life – say 87 % of participants! Find out why ...

  • 42 hours of practicing yoga – all secrets will be revealed!
  • Famous yoga teachers, whose classes were visited by more than ten thousand people!
  • Absolute delight of the sea, unique Spanish climate and sunny coast!

Join us!


Deep Practice

7 days of intensive diving in conscious and productive practice: asanas, meditations, pranayama


Spiritual harmony

Restoring emotional and psychological balance – the energy of perfection will permeate you through and through


Top Masters

Recognized teachers that have changed the lives of more than 50 thousand people will gladly share their secrets

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An interesting adventure

Colorful, sunny, fascinating Spain – fantastic seascapes and beautiful sandy beaches


Friendly communication

Guests from 15 countries, new acquaintances and a supportive, carefree, absolutely positive atmosphere


Memorable vacation

A bright and various holiday in an attractive Spain with the possibility of learning new – a luxurious gift for March 8


Finding balance

Physical and emotional reboot – 73% of participants admitted the festival as an amazing experience of their life


Cozy environment

Vegan, vegetarian, traditional cuisine and rooms in one of the best 4 * hotels on the coast

Headliners of Marino Yoga Fest Festival

Teachers and the show program of the Festival – stay tuned!

Cosmin S. Iancu (Spain)

Yoga teacher and spiritual alchemist.

Cosmin had his first encounter with yoga more than 20 years ago. During his youth, he practiced martial arts and meditation in search of his life’s purpose, for his dharma.

Cosmin took the decision to dedicate completely to the yogic practice, dropping his career in architecture in favor of spiritual development.

On the yogic path he met Bhooma Chaitanya in Dharamsala, India, who introduced him to the traditional teachings and practices of yoga.

Each year Cosmin travels around the world teaching in festivals and in different shalas, dedicating his life to yoga teaching and daily sadhana, offering all his efforts for the benefit of all beings.

Yuriy Sulyk (Ukraine)

Yuriy Sulyk is one of the most famous Ukrainian yoga masters of the “new wave”.

Author of the “adaptive holistic YOGA” methodology and organizer of instructor courses under the same methodology.

Founder of yoga school and yoga-center “Yoga IF School”.

Co-organizer of the festival “Carpathian Yoga Fest” and other related projects.

The author of the first full-length Ukrainian-language television project “BASES OF YOGA”.

Student of the world-famous Indian guru SRI Shailendra Sharma.

Sergiy Chernov (Belarus)

Sergiy Chernov is a Belarussian master of yoga, founder and creative director of the Russian-language information resource SLAVYOGA, dedicated to the topical aspects of yoga review. He is also the author of the YouTube channel SLAVYOGA, the English-language YOGA PERCEPTION project, the creator of the modern system of yoga study and practice SLAVYOGA SYSTEM, author of several informational products, educational videos and Yoga publications.

Higher medical education, competence in the field of psychology and psychotherapy.

Practical experience since 2005, teaching experience since 2007.

Vitaliy Shakirov (Ukraine)

Vitaliy fantastically controls his body, although he is practicing yoga since 2010.

He was engaged in various sports activities, as well as break dancing, capoeira.

In his teaching he also pays great attention to the spiritual component of yoga – the moral set of yama and niyama.

Cat shanti yoga is an author’s technique, invented by Vitaliy Shakirov. This technique is intended for fast and effective heating of the entire body, allowing you to spend less time, and thus get maximum effect.

Marino Yoga Fest Schedule

You can`t miss it!

Duration When Theme of the class
2 hours 7:00-9:00
3 hours 11:00-14:00
2 hours 17:00-19:00 Sergey Chernov

Stato-dynamic concentration-meditative practice according to the method of SLAVYOGA SYSTEM

Duration When Theme of the class
2 hours 7:00-9:00

Vitaliy Shakirov

Work with the balances, how to feel them, how to start, from simple to hard ones!

3 hours 11:00-14:00 Yuriy Sulyk

Yoga drugs, Psychedelic class, practices which change perception, Prana Vyayamas, mudras, bandhi, pranayama, techniques of deep relaxation

2 hours 17:00-19:00 Sergey Chernov

Effective correction of the spine and the muscular system pathologies (protrusion, hernia, scoliosis

Duration When Theme of the class
2 hours 7:00-9:00

Yuriy Sulyk

Dance of Rudra: System of dynamic, power, multi-level Viñas

3 hours 11:00-14:00

2 hours 17:00-19:00

Duration When Theme of the class
2 hours 7:00-9:00

Sergey Chernov

Dynamic energizing practice using the SLAVYOGA SYSTEM technique

3 hours 11:00-14:00 Cosmin S. Iancu

Harmonization of the body through the asana stillness

2 hours 17:00-19:00 Vitaliy Shakirov

Deep dive inside, practice of vinyasas and asanas with closed eyes

Duration When Theme of the class
2 hours 7:00-9:00

Vitaliy Shakirov

Improvement of hip joints’ mobility(hanumanansana, samakonasana) without back and spine overloading

3 hours 11:00-14:00 Cosmin S. Iancu

Harmonization of breathing, from slow to full stop

2 hours 17:00-19:00 Yuriy Sulyk

Comprehensive class + lotus/leg by the head

Duration When Theme of the class
2 hours 7:00-9:00

Cosmin S. Iancu

Harmonization of the inner world, concentration techniques, the foundations of Samyama – “inner” yoga

3 hours 11:00-14:00
2 hours 17:00-19:00 Sergey Chernov

Improvement of personal yoga practice and the quality of the recovery process by working with trigger points. The concept of myofascial release

Duration When Theme of the class
2 hours 7:00-9:00
3 hours 11:00-14:00
2 hours 17:00-19:00 Yuriy Sulyk

Comprehensive class + transversal/longitudinal leg-splits

Duration When Theme of the class
2 часа 7:00-9:00

Vitaliy Shakirov

Harmonization of space and inner peace, accessible pranayama for any level of practice, Mantra-Theoretical and practical part. Glorifying different mantras

3 часа 11:00-14:00

2 часа 17:00-19:00

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Premium package

Until 01.12.17 – 410 €, until 18.01.2018 – 480 €, until 18.02.18 – 540 € after 18.02.18 – 620 € (Excluding VAT)


Premium package
  • Included:
  • accommodation in 4* hotel;
  • 3-course meal;
  • 7-days ticket to the Marino Yoga Fest 2018.


Basic package

Until 01.12.17 - 360 €, until 18.01.2018 – 410 €, until 18.02.18 – 460 €, after 18.02.18 – 510 € (Excluding VAT)


Basic package
  • Included:
  • accommodation in 4*
    hotel with 3-course meal.


Ticket for the festival

Until 01.12.17 – 100 €, until 18.01.2018 – 150 €, until 18.02.18 – 200 €, after 18.02.18 – 250 € (Excluding VAT)


Ticket for the festival
  • Included:
  • 7-day ticket to the Marino Yoga Fest 2018.



The festival will take place in the center of La Manga seaside resort near the sand beaches of the Mediterranean sea in Mangalan Hotel&Spa, Murcia, Spain.

The program of the festival will be rich and extraordinary, designed for the interests and needs of a wide audience. We plan to combine intensive classes that are designed for those who are deeply interested in yoga and are looking for new knowledge and quick reveal of their potential, with the opportunity to fully enjoy the sea, the unique Spanish climate and the sunny coast.

The price of the ticket includes:

  • program of master classes with famous masters and yoga teachers;
  • entertaining evening show program

Depending on ticket booking date to the festival, the price will fluctuate:

until 01.12.17 – 100 €

until 01.02.2018 – 150 €,

until 01.03.18 – 200 €

after 01.03.18 – 250 €

Preliminary, transfer will be from Alicante airport. If there will be groups of more than 10 people from the airports of Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, we will organize a transfer too.

The transfer fee will be known closer to the beginning of the festival and will depend on the number of people and the city from where the transfer is. Our managers will necessarily contact each participant and specify all the information needed for the transfer organization.

The site does not show the full list of teachers, information can be provided by our managers. Full information about the show program will be later, but trust us – you will not be bored 🙂

Yes, you have such an opportunity. Please, contact our managers.

Yes, we are open to all suggestions and will be glad to your initiativity. Please send us an e-mail on In the e-mail theme note: MYF cooperation.

Yes, there will be animation for children, the hotel has all the infrastructure for this. Children up to 14 years have a 20% discount.

For groups more than 10 we offer 10 % discount.

The Festival Marino Yoga Fest is …

  • Classes with high-class masters that will help improve your practice
  • Incredible international acquaintances and new perspectives
  • Rest in the company of positive people after cold on the sunny Spanish coast with the incredibly tasty cuisine. And all this at affordable prices.
  • Impressions for the whole life that will last forever
  • A great March 8 present
  • High-class event organized by highly proficient professionals behind which many similar events.
  • Cool networking

Unfortunately, the hotel conditions are such that we can only return you 20% of the package price.

No. We are booking the whole hotel for our event. There will be only the festival participants.

Ticket for the festival, accommodation in Mangalan Hotel&Spa, FB (“full board”): breakfast, lunch and dinner is served on a buffet system.

  • ticket for the festival
  • accommodation in Mangalan Hotel&Spa;
  • FB (“full board”): breakfast, lunch and dinner is served on a buffet system;
  • transfer from/to the airport;
  • daily fruit in the room;
  • fixing places for a rug in the hall;
  • closed meetings with teachers;
  • superior Room.

Marino Yoga Fest Festival Organizers

The biggest yoga festival in Ukraine "Carpathian Yoga Fest" and eco-resort "Izki"

“Today the desire of people to live healthy is becoming more tangible, and yoga as a part of a healthy lifestyle is constantly gaining popularity. I discovered for myself that it really works, and I willingly share my experience with the others.”

Andrey Kuznecov

(Festival Director)

“As the experienced organizers of the Carpathian Yoga Fest, we will make sure that the Marino Yoga Fest will remain in the memory of the guests as well-coordinated, well-organized, provided with all the necessary event of the highest level!”

Christina Zagnybida

(Communications manager)

“People are becoming more focused on their personal development, are traveling more often, are open to new impressions and experiences. If it is close to you, join in, and the festival will become a blessed source of unique knowledge and unforgettable emotions for you.”

Nataliia Shushniak


Location Details

Mangalan Hotel & Spa

Mangalan Hotel & Spa is a four-star modern 10-storey first Class hotel. This hotel in the Clementine style towers above the sandy La Manga spit, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Mar Menor lagoon.

As the Mangalan Hotel & Spa is on the edge of the Mar Menor, you have the opportunity to enjoy the calm waters of the lagoon on one side and the sandy beach overlooking the sea, on the other.

You can relax in the spa or work out in the gym, visit the steam bath or sauna, and then relax in the shower cabins, in the spa pool or in the hot tub. Various massages and beauty treatments are also available.

The Mangalan Hotel & Spa has a buffet restaurant where you can choose from regional, Spanish and international dishes. Cooks also provide a large selection of vegan and vegetarian dishes for every taste.

The festival is supported by brands and companies:

Самый большой фестиваль йоги в Украине "Carpathian Yoga Fest" и эко-курорт "Изки"


Early booking is open! Hurry to go at a favourable price!

Let us become your guides in harmonious and deep yoga at the Marino Yoga Fest!